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Ski touring in Slovakia –
the best of the Slovak mountains

Guided tour, 8 days from  1.150 EUR


  • Ski touring in the High Tatras, Western Tatras, Low Tatras
  • Tours up to 2.500 m
  • Slovak Paradise – hiking through the ice frozen gorge
  • UIAGM mountain guide
  • Accommodation in a cozy guesthouse in one of the Tatra mountain resorts

Day 1:

Arrival to the High Tatras

Meeting in Krakow (or in the High Tatras). Arrival to the Tatras through the picturesque Polish highlands – “Podhale”.

Day 2:

Ski touring in the Low Tatras – the largest national park in Slovakia

Main ridge of the Low Tatras. “Warm up” ski tour in the area of the highest peaks – Chopok (2.024 m) and Dumbier (2.046 m) 

Summary: 6 hours of ski touring, 15 km, ↗ 1.118 m, ↘ 1.231 m, highest point 2.046 m

Day 3:

Ski touring in the High Tatras – central part – Velka Studena valley

Ski tour to Zbojnicka chata – “Robber” mountain hut (1.960 m). Option to ascent and ski some peaks or mountain passes up to 2.382 m in the area.

Summary: 5-7 hours of ski touring, 13-16 km, ↗ ↘ 820 m – 1.150 m, highest point 1.960 m/2.383 m

Day 4:

Ski touring in the central part of the High Tatras - Mala Studena valley

Ski touring in the central valley Mala Studena dolina to the Teryho hut (2.015 m) – one of the oldest (built in 1899) and the highest located mountain hut open all year round. Option to ascent and ski Priecne pass (2.352 m) or Sedielko pass (2.372 m)

Summary: 5,5-8 hours of ski touring, 14-18 km, ↗ ↘ 870 m – 1.340 m, highest point 2.015 m/2.372 m

Day 5:

Easy day - Slovak Paradise

Hiking through the ice frozen gorge which is typical of the Slovak paradise (Slovensky raj). Trails secured by wooden and iron horizontal and vertical ladders.

Summary: 4 hours of hiking, 10 km, ↗ 455 m, ↘ 455 m, highest point 955 m

Day 6:

Ski touring in the Western Tatras – the second highest range in the Carpathians

Ski touring in Ziarska valley. Ziarska chata mountain hut is a starting point of variety of routes. One of them is the peak Placlive (2.126 m).

Summary: 5,5 hours of hiking, 17 km, ↗ ↘ 1.215 m, highest point 2.125 m

Day 7:

Ski touring in the High Tatras – highest peak of Poland – Rysy

Ski touring in the wide open Mengusovska valley, climb over a rock terrace secured by fixed ropes, along the highest located mountain hut (2.250 m) up to Rysy (2.501 m).

Summary: 8 hours of ski touring, 19 km, ↗ ↘ 1.371 m, highest point 2.499 m

Day 8:


Our tour ends after the breakfast by departure for Krakow/Poprad.
En route to Krakow review your ski tours on panoramic drive around the Tatras.

Goodbye – Dovidenia!

Trip rating

Trip duration

8 days / 7 nights


Guesthouse/family hotel in the High Tatras or Poprad



Trip starts in

Krakow / Poprad / High Tatras

Trip ends in

Krakow / Poprad / High Tatras

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Maximum group size


Guided tour





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February 18 – February 25, 2023

1.150 EUR

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March 11 – March 18, 2023

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