Hiking in Slovakia - the best of the Slovak mountains

Guided tour from 1.090  EUR for 11 days

  • Grand tour of Slovak mountains – great hiking adventure
  • Slovakia’s top 5 national parks – High Tatras, Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise, Pieniny and  Mala Fatra
  • 5 panoramic peaks
  • A great diversity in a small area – narrow gorges, grassy highlands, rocky peaks
Day 1:
Arrival to the High Tatras

Meeting in Krakow. Arrival to the Tatras through the picturesque Polish highlands – “Podhale”.

Day 2:
Hiking in the Low Tatras – the largest national park in Slovakia

Comfortable hiking along the wide grassy ridge to the second highest peak of the Low Tatras – Chopok (2.024 m). Views of the High Tatras, the Western Tatras, Mala Fatra and Velka Fatra mountains.

Summary: 4,5 hours of hiking, 10 km, ↗1.000 m, ↘ 125 m, highest point 2.024 m

Day 3:
Between the High Tatras and White Tatras
“Warm up” hiking through the alpine meadows under the scenic and expressively carved peaks of the White Tatras to the mountain hut by the Green lake (1.551 m) – located under the tallest (900 m) rock climbing wall in the High Tatras.

Summary: 6,5 hours of hiking, 18 km, ↗800 m, ↘ 890 m, highest point 1.750 m

Day 4:
In the shade of the highest peak of the Carpathians

Hiking in the shade of Gerlach peak (2.655 m) – the highest peak of the High Tatras, Slovakia & Carpathians. Opportunity to ascent VychodnaVysoka peak (2.429 m) – great viewpoint – neighbor of Gerlach peak.

Summary: 6-8 hours of hiking, 11-18 km, ↗1.319 m, ↘ 1.599 m, highest point 2.429 m

Day 5:
Easy day - Dunajec river raft trip in Pieniny national park
Relaxing day – visit of the smallest national park Pieniny, rafting tour through the Dunajec river gorge on wooden rafts. Afternoon visit of the wooden protestant church in Kezmarok (UNESCO) – the jewel of Slovak baroque architecture.
Day 6:
The highest peak of Poland – Rysy
Hiking in the western part of the High Tatras. Start in the wide open Mengusovska valley, climb over a rock terrace secured by chains, along the highest located Tatra mountain hut (2.250 m) up to Rysypeak (2.499 m) – great view of both sides of Tatras (Polish and Slovak one).
Summary: 8 hours of hiking, 19 km, ↗1.371 m, ↘1.371 m, highest point 2.499 m
Day 7:
Slovak Paradise – Sucha Bela gorge
Hiking along the mountain streams and waterfalls through a gorge typical for the Slovak Paradise. Trails secured by wooden and iron horizontal and vertical ladders.
Summary: 6 hours of hiking, 15 km, ↗630 m, ↘ 630 m, highest point 961 m
Day 8:
Hiking in the Western Tatras – the second highest range in the Carpathians

Crossing the Western Tatras from south to north, ascent of Placlive peak (2.125 m).

Summary: 7 hours of hiking, 17 km, ↗1.273 m, ↘ 1.133 m, highest point 2.125 m

Day 9:
Easy day - Orava castle and transfer to Mala Fatra mountains

Drive through the picturesque Orava region with the traditional wooden architecture. Stop at the mighty Orava castle.

After the arrival to the Mala Fatra optionally a short walk in the ravine called “Janosikove diery”.

Summary: 1,5 hours of hiking, 4 km, ↗200 m, ↘ 135 m, highest point 750 m

Day 10:
Main ridge of Mala Fatra mountains

Hiking through flowering alpine meadows of Mala Fatra, option to ascent of Velky Rozsutec (1.610 m) – dominant peak of this range. Views of Western, Low and High Tatras.

Summary: 6 hours of hiking, 14 km, ↗620 m, ↘1.514 m, highest point 1.607 m

Day 11:

Our tour ends after the breakfast by departure for Krakow.

Goodbye – Dovidenia!
Trip rating
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11 days / 10 nights
Guesthouse/family hotels in the High Tatras, Western Tatras and Mala Fatra mountains
Guided – halfborad
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Minimum group size
Guided: 6
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